Still Not Recognizing The Elderly Families Of Prisoners - From Nash

Stamps will continue to rise and money is getting tighter for many of us. fortunately for some of us, we are able to use online services in order to stay in touch with our loved ones in prison. I completely agree with Sarah (above post ) concerning those who are not computer literate or don't even own a computer how hard it must be for them when their are changes in price. My own Mother writes to my brother in prison whereas I use the emailaprisoner system which is great. In my opinion, campaigners are still not recognizing the impact of imprisonment for the elderly people in our society. I get a bit sick and tired of hearing stories about how much someone is missing their loved one in prison. It's an obvious emotion and I miss my brother also. Once they are in prison there is nothing we can do other than to support them if that is what we want to do. The level of support for the likes of my pensioner Mother is dire and I am yet to hear about some sort of campaign about it. It seems your site is really the only place where things like this are mentioned so a big hat tip to you! Thanks folks!