Borrowing Money To Prison Visit - From Sam

Hello.. Can I please reply to a couple of posts that I have read today please. The first one is about visitor's centres. I am lucky where I visit because they are pleasant and like to assist people, especially those on their first ever prison visits. I have no issues with the people who run it apart from I have made a few suggestions on how it can be improved and no one has taken me on or acknowledged me which is a bit disappointing considering I am a prisoners family member. Other than that I have no issues at all. Next is the amount of money it costs families to actually visit. It costs me roughly £90.00 a visit. It costs £55.00 to travel on the train with my two children and £20.00 return for a taxi from the train station to the prison and from the prison back to the train station. I have even had loans to fund our visits which is irresponsible of me I know, but otherwise the kids wouldn't get to see their dad. It costs me about £20.00 by the time the kids have run backwards and forwards to the machine for crisps and snacks etc as well as snacks for my partner and myself. Sometimes I verge on £100.00 a visit. As for rehabilitation, my partner tells me that he is locked in his cell for about 22 hours a day because there is no work for him. He has put his name forward for education just to get out of his cell and already has A levels. But there is always something new to learn so he doesn't mind this. What I have found is that the prison system punishes the families more than the prisoners. How can the Government justify £100.00 per prison visit when they have stipulated that keeping contact with prisoners helps towards re-offending? So am I right in saying that in order to stay in touch with your loved one, you must pay the price? Because my purse strings are really paying the price and our keeping in touch regime has almost certainly thrust me in to debt. I do it for my children, they have the right to see their Dad so it says in the human rights act. It's stressful enough without having to beg, borrow and steal to prison visit! Love from Sam.