Breeding Criminals - From Anonymous Dad

Hi, I have just read a blog post over on Twitter about a woman's son being worse than he is before he went to prison. My son also went to prison at a young age, 18, and he had the same attitude if I am honest. I too run a decent family/household and no one apart from our son has ever been to prison before or have been in trouble with the Police.
My son as I said was 18 when he went to prison and was in prison for just 6 months. When he reached the age of 22, he was sentenced to life for his part in a murder which has devastated all our family as you can imagine. I am not blaming prison solely for the awful crime he committed, but I will say that after he was released at 19 on his first sentence, he too said prison was a breeze almost to the point of being 'cool.' Like Jade, I have to question what is going on. Many would say, 'throw away the key' and so forth, but that's not going to happen, so what is going drastically wrong inside our prison's? I am confused, bewildered and angry about the whole thing. Would he have been involved in his part of a murder if he hadn't have gone to prison at 18 and met the so called gangsters who gave him 'criminal tips' on how to get away with stuff, because it does happen. Young lads who go to prison meet new acquaintances and talk about their robberies and thefts and so forth. What did prison teach my son? Nothing, it taught him nothing at all. Are prison's breeding more criminals? My son came home after serving his sentence a different lad altogether. What he told me about prison shocked me to the core but like Jade's son, it didn't appear to faze him at all. What do YOI mould their prisoners in to? Never ever in a million years did I ever think my son would end up serving a life sentence, but that's where he is. His life ruined, victims families life's ruined and my families life ruined. Please keep me anonymous as I don't want any back lash if you post my story, I've had enough of that already over the past years. Can I also say that I have altered the ages above of my son to protect everyone's identity. My final question is, what is the real point of prison? I know some people have to be there, like my son for example, but he only initially went to prison for petty theft stealing from supermarkets which he didn't have to do because me and my wife provided well for him. Can I just say that your blogger site is excellent and it is an excellent way of sharing stories for families in similar situations as mine. I mean no disrespect to the victims by writing this also. With thanks Anonymous Dad.