Bullied Because Dad is In Prison - From Anon

I'm not with my partner anymore because we parted when he was six months in to his prison sentence. The effect this has had on my 15 year old daughter is devastating. When he was first sent to prison, she was bullied at school. She has been bullied on social networking sites and has been bullied in our community. She is a daddy's girl so being apart from him has hit her hard. Last week, I found out she was self-harming and she has cancelled her visits to see her dad and he wants to know why she isn't going to see him. I know a lot of people say that you shouldn't hide things from people in prison, but I cannot tell him as this would break him. My main concern right now is my daughter and getting her the help she needs but at some point, her dad will want to know what is wrong. My daughter is blaming her dad for everything and was a bubbly young girl before he was sent to prison. Before people commit crimes, they should seriously think about the devastating effect all this has on their families. Sorry to say all this, but it seems there is so much help for prisoners yet nothing for children of prisoners who are victims thrust in to a situation that can lead in to mental health problems like my daughter has. Even the hospital turned us away last week putting it down to 'something she is going through' and 'oh she is just having a bad day.' I will have to end here because I am too upset to write anything else. I can't believe he has put us through all this shit. Please don't print my name in case my daughter reads it. Thanks.