Bullying at HMP Bronzefield - From Worried Hubby

To the Blog Editor. I have been reading your blog a lot over the last couple of weeks and follow you on Twitter too. Your site isn't as formal as other websites which is what I like so I would like to share my story with you, although could you please not use my name. My wife is in Bronzefield Prison and is getting bullied - not from the other prisoners - but some of the prison officers. She won't let me complain as she said it would make things worse for her, and I respect her request, but I have seen a lot about this prison on your blog and it is worrying. There is no arguing my wife has done wrong, that's why she is in prison, but why should she be subject to bullying from the staff there? And why are prisoners like my wife telling their loved ones not to complain in case they get repercussions from it? Something needs to be done and quick sharp because I am slowly loosing my patience with this prison. If I can't complain, then what can I do? Anon