Crime Does Not Pay! Even For Prisoners Families - From Paula

RE: Profit and Prison's by Andrew

Dear Andrew, when the likes of Sodexo get a 250 million contract to run a handful of prison's, do you honestly believe in your heart of hearts they would be remotely interested in rehabilitation programmes for prisoners? Prison's run on the same basis as Care Homes do - empty beds make no wages!
As for vending machines in prison's to supply drinks and snacks for visitors and both prisoners inside the visitor's room - again, it is business and about lining pockets. You'd have thought that some of the charities running these visitor's centre would have stuck their necks out, but in my opinion, anyone in this game pisses in the same pot, pardon my French. I paid 70 pence for a Twix last week in the visitor's centre and have bought a pack of 5 Twix's for a pound in Asda for the kids when we get there. Obviously this doesn't apply to when we get inside the visits room because they leave us with no other option to buy from vending machines, so they have got our money either way. The old hatch that used to sell sandwiches at good prices is solely missed, but then it's all greed greed greed. Absolutely no one listens to families, no one what so ever so I ignore the crap and just get on with seeing my man. I suppose people will say, well that;s the price we pay for having other half's who break the law.