Families Being Ripped Off? - From Kelly

It was nice to read an honest post from Andrew, Prison and Profit. I visit my partner in prison and it is all about profit! I have noticed that the small tuck shop has now been replaced by vending machines (more cost) and I couldn't care less what anyone says, everyone involved in helping prisoners families is in it for the money. Sorry if this offends you, but in the 5 years I have been visiting my partner, I have had no help or support what so ever. The visitors centre I go to is neither use nor ornament and when all said and done, after visiting as finished, they close up and we go home with the same problems and issues that we went in with. I want to know why visitors centre's are there and for what purpose they are there? I don't even find the people running it friendly at all! All I want is a cup of coffee and a sandwich when I get there and now that has disappeared, I am left with a vending machine that is double in price! Here's some tips -buy a flask and take your own snacks with you which will save you a lot of money. I'm not feeding people's pockets anymore thank you very much!