Focus On Families And Resettlement - From 'Linda'

Hi PFV. I have written quite a few posts for your blog in the past and would like to submit another if I may. I have just read the ladies post about the lack of support when a loved one is released home from prison. I absolutely 100% agree with her that we do not fit any category, if that is the right word. Many people from organisations to the media are only interested in families with a loved one in prison. Why is this so? As many offenders serve their sentences in the community? If anyone came to my home 8 months ago, they would have witnessed a very grim situation. Me and my partner were constantly arguing because he spent all is days hooked up in our bedroom listening to music and playing on the PS3. He was withdrawn, depressed, angry and arrogant and did not have time for our children which was heartbreaking and at the same time down right disgusting considering he had been locked up in prison separated from them. My patience was pushed to the limit and we ended up sleeping in separate beds. This is a relationship that worked whilst he was in prison by the way. I visited him with the children and we wrote to each other most days as well as talking to each other on the phone. So the family contact was there all the way. When he came home, things started to go wrong drastically. So why are prisoners families in this situation not taken in to account? Why aren't the charities and organisations that speak for us concentrating on release issues as well as incarcerated ones? I joined a discussion some months ago and was told to f-off because my partner was at home now and was not in prison. The fact is, he is still on licence so yes he is in prison here out in the community for their information. I have had not an inch of support from anyone and have had to deal with some awful situations as well as trying to get some form of help and support for my partner. So why don't the media and organisations try walking in my shoes and others in a similar situation instead of focusing solely on families with a loved one in prison. What more is there to say about being a prisoners family member for God sake? We visit, we write, we speak on the phone, we are treated like muck by The Prison Service, we are sent hundreds of miles away from home to visit, we get told nothing by the prison, and it costs a fortune visiting. It's the same old same old and I am sorry, but it will always be the same old same old. Try a documentary about resettlement and change the tune for once! Best wishes, 'Linda'