From The Inside - Part 2

From The Inside Part 1

I am just about to pen to paper wondering and pondering on what to write here in my cell. From what I have clippings I have read here which my partner has so kindly sent in to me, it appears that your blog site focuses on families of prisoners and the struggles they face. I have never been a 'victim' of lost property but many where I am have. The prison in which I am locked away in doesn't appear to bother about missing items that families have kindly booked in and bought from their own pockets. I m fully aware that some prisoners have banged their head against a brick wall and have been well and truly shafted, families even more so, as they are the one's left out of pocket. You don't need the brains of Einstein to know that once a relative books in clothing and footwear items in to the property department, prisoners cannot possibly get their hands on the goods. which leads to one question - just where have the items gone? How hard is it to 'misplace' a pair of training shoes? Before I continue with this letter, I will give you a clue as to which prison I am in. It is a private male prison, so I guess that eliminates quite a few establishments. I have requested that Prisoners Families Voices tell you which one after all 8 articles have been published. The prison have no need to scramble through their mail bags as all 8 articles are now in the hands of the blog site administrator.
Referring back to the property problem, this doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen. Some of the prison custody officers will say that it is a possibility that there are inmates with the same name and that the property has been given to the wrong individual. I find that difficult to believe as maybe their are inmates with the same name, but there aren't prisoners with the same prisoner ID number, plus if this was the case, why don't the prison officers retrieve the goods from the individual who is not entitled to them? I presume that relatives have to fill out a form and enter their signature when booking in property, which would display the prisoners name and prisoner ID number. The more I think about it, the more I am sat here chuckling at the feeble excuses spewed to our faces. I'd walk around in my socks, it doesn't bother me, but if my partner had kindly spent x amount of money from her wage and bought me a pair of good decent trainers and they went missing, I too would be furious. Other than that, I don't see the point of wearing expensive trainers in prison. These places have become fashion shows lately. Bring back a prison uniform and be off with the property bollocks, and that is from someone who is writing this sat in prison. It would save a lot of families money and the hassle and stress of items going missing. Most working people wear uniforms, so why don't prisoners? I know that some prison's have uniforms, but these private prisons anything goes.

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