From The Inside - Part 3

Here we go again. The word is finally out about the book ban as I have probably mentioned before in a previous letter. I don't know how other prisons operate, but the one here where I am, bang up of a weekend is about 17.15pm after tea and that's that until you are opened up at 8.15am. That's Saturday and Sunday is pretty much the same. So we are banged up for roughly 14 hours a day of a weekend. I like to read as to a few others. Books pass time, especially of a weekend. Those 14 hours could be used as educational time for prisoners whilst holed up. Instead, many will be engrossed in Lara Croft or whatever the latest console game is right now. Of course it passes time, but it is not constructive. They may as well be home on tag doing the same in my humble opinion. Feet up, smoking a cig with a warm brew and a few snacks playing a game with a tag on ones ankle would save the tax payers a fortune. Many in prison rely on their games. That's their choice and it passes time for them. As for me, I rely on books to pass my time. So what is going on? How on earth can the Ministers and MP's back this insane ban? It's like putting Sonic the Hedgehog in schools and taking away books. I'm tired tonight so my apologies for this being a short and sweet letter. I'd better get my head down and listen to the heavy taps of the games console remote. Happy days in HMP!

                                                                 From A Serving Prisoner