GDS Dairy Inside - Part Thirty

07.08am – Watched film last night called ‘Conviction’ a true story about a woman who becomes a lawyer to help her brother convicted of murder and proving his innocence with Barry Scheck and his Innocence Project. That is true devotion and all about the DNA moment which is not that old in legal cases. 11.06am – Eureka moment for my friend Domenico Rancadore – he is free and has won his battle against extradition to Italy. I did not think he would do it but he has and well done to Karen Todner! 150.06am – Watching film ‘Call of the Wild’ a story by Jack London about a dog, called Buck, stolen from a Judge in San Diego and taken to Alaska where he forms a bond with prospector. What a film! Called Sarah Hall - she has lost her voice. Hope she is better soon. 17.15pm – One of the incredible idiosyncrasies in English jail is that people are wholly incapable of talking: - they shout and I can’t quite understand it. I talk normally, at normal level, but I am one of a select few and I won’t ever change. I wonder why though people shout.