GDS Diary From The Inside - Part 28

06.58am – Good night sleep. Last night I watched a truly superb Serbian film by Dusan Kovacevic ‘Profesionalac.’ You know, I just love films in Italian or Serbian. I enjoy foreign language films much more than in English. Had dream last night that trip to Italy is very soon…….. LUNCH: Pea Soup and corned beef sandwich (Can just call that lunch) DINNER: Breaded fish and roast potatoes, dessert, rice pudding. 19.30pm – A very stressful day today. I have just noticed that the Criminal Appeal Act 1968 s.1 has just changed, in 2012, by adding a few words. Now, in the old days you would apply for certificate from the trial Judge, at any time, but from 2012 it was tightened to be ‘within’ 28 days. I’m looking forward to going to Italy because in Italy the law on murder is only in the ‘masculine gender,’ implying that it’s ok to murder a woman!!!! Incredible! I actually petitioned Parliament long ago on this, so we can test it!