Glorified Security Officers - From Annie

Petrified Child On Prison Visit 

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When I read the post about the petrified child during a search I was fuming. My boyfriend was in a private prison run by Sodexo and when I visited him there, some of the custody officers, or should I say glorified security guards in a prison uniform, were idiots. I was stood in a line waiting for the sniffer dog to do his job and the dog handler actually indicated to the dog were to stop because he bounced a ball! Since my boyfriend has been moved to a proper HMP, I have found the prison officers far more professional and even explain to the children what the dog does. I am sorry for the child and hope he or she recovers from the visit experience. You are also right about no one does anything if you complain anyway because many are scared to speak up. I also agree that you should be giving your readers the names of the prisons.