HMP Forest Bank - Sodexo

A friend of PFV attended an interview at the famous candy floss factory AKA HMP Forest Bank, run by Sodexo, a few weeks ago. Considering this is a massive company, it appears they cannot even acknowledge individuals who have not been successful with their interviews. Having said that, 'something' doesn't sit right with the amount of vacancies advertised for Forest Bank of late. There haven't been any recent expansions so the answer would be that people are leaving for whatever reason. I am an ex prisoner myself and have stayed in there. I have always said that the place is like a dis-organised youth club with clueless ex Macdonald's staff playing prison officers. (Nothing against Macdonalds by the way, but you get the picture)
My comment to the person who has not been informed that they hadn't got the job at Forest Bank was:
"Move on, the place is a complete ****-hole anyway." When people book time off work to attend interviews, the least this Mickey Mouse factory could do is notify people they haven't got the job and thank them for attending. Trust me, they need thanking for even stepping foot in to the reception area! Stuart D Admin