I Got The Chance - From Gary

Dear Prisoners Families Voices. My name is Gary and I am an ex prisoner/offender. I came across your blog on Google and think it is absolutely brilliant! If I may, please could I make a contribution.
I served a sentence for burglary in 2007 and with the help from family and friends, I turned my life around. I was addicted to drugs and have been clean since 2008. I found it difficult to find work but I persisted applying for jobs, probably hundreds, and I eventually got a job working for an IT company. I know there are many negative stories about ex prisoners trying to find work, and believe me I struggled too but landed on my feet eventually. I have been honest with my employers and I am grateful for their support. If you would like any help with your blog please give me a shout! I would be delighted to help! Cheers, Gary.