Media Request

Hi Prison Family Voices, I hope this finds you well and that you are able to help me with my request.I am an Assistant Producer working on a TV documentary based in London about the families of offenders and thought that your team might be able to help me in my research. I see from looking at your blog and your twitter feed you are a place where families can voice their issues and comments. What I was wondering is if it is possible to put up a post or a tweet or ideally both to see if any families in the London area would be willing to talk to us about their experiences. Our documentary hopes to look at the experiences of women (and men) partners and parents on the ‘outside’, to talk about the pressures, both emotional and financial, they face; and the impact a prison sentence has on a relationship. We’re also keen to explore the similar pressures for the men in prison – and we plan to look at how having a partner on the ‘outside’ can reduce the likelihood of re-offending. We would be very grateful if you could post something along the lines of: A London based documentary are looking for families of prisoner to talk about their experiences. We would like to do a couple of hours filming to show what life is like for families. Our film is a sensitive and empathetic piece. The filming can be anonymous and we are happy to accept video diaries and interviews on smart phone footage. If you are interested in getting involved and available during the next week please email Sophie on