One Big Joke - From Jason

Howdi! Love the posts from the prisoner by the way! No guesses which prison he is in but I have a feeling which one lol. OK, right, Mr Grayling, that's who I want to talk about. The main man who is screwing the system up even worse than what it is! I am an ex con myself and here is a quote of Graylings just a few months ago:

QUOTE: Justice secretary Chris Grayling said: "It is not right that some prisoners appear to be spending hours languishing in their cells and watching daytime television, while the rest of the country goes out to work.

Well what the bloodyhell does he expect now he is taking away books from prisoners in which some of them need to bloody well educate themselves so that they have a chance to go straight? I learned to read and write inside and I was 30 before I could do it! I have a job now and I pay my way just like thousands of other tax payers! The idiot doesn't want cons to be sat watching daytime TV but bans books and gives cons game consoles to play on! Ha ha ha don't make me laugh Grayling, but then you already have because you are one big fat joke pal! Mint blog by the way. Well done!