Petrified Child On Prison Search - From Claire

Hi to all. I thought I'd email you because I have not long been back from a prison visit and what I saw was disgusting and bang out of order. I hope the idiot of a prison officer/dog handler is bloody proud of himself. I was stood on the line in the search area as we do and behind me was a mother and a little girl about 5 or 6 years old. She was petrified and her mother tried to calm her down. As she did the arrogant pig of a screw shouted out loud for the mother to stop and to stand still with their arms down beside them. This made the little one even worse to which I then told the screw he was bang out of order only to be told by him to shut up or else I wouldn't be allowed in. There's no point complaining because no one does anything anyway so I thought I'd write to you because you have a load of readers so please publish this if you can and my name is Claire which you can publish. I know you tend to keep prison names a secret but you want to start exposing them! Love to all Claire.