Prison and Profit - From Andrew

I'm an ex prisoner who was released from prison only a few weeks ago.
I was in prison for fraud - stupidity.
I didn't appreciate the way my wife was treated whilst visiting me. I was the one serving the prison sentence - not her. She was messed about whilst trying to book a visit; mistakes were made and at one point the prison got the date wrong which as you can imagine cost her a great deal of money travelling to see me and not being allowed entry. Secondly; there were occasions were our visits were cut short because the search procedures for visitors started late - the prison's fault; not the visitors.
Last but not least; her birthday card didn't arrive that I sent her and items of my property wasn't given to me. There was absolutely nothing neither of us could do about it. When families visit their loved ones and relatives in prison; they should be treated with respect; not frowned at. If the prison's think about it carefully, they along with others; make a tidy packet from prison visitors in the form of profiting. i.e; refreshments, snacks etc and we are all aware that food and beverages are almost 100% profit. I have put my huge mistake behind me and do not intend to ever return to HMP - HUGE MAKING PROFIT. Regards, Andrew.