Prison Is Just One Of Those Things - From' Pat '

Dear Sir or Madam. Hi, I work with youth's who are on the path to prison. I should be politically correct when making a comment about my work, but the truth is, it is like I am banging my head against a brick wall that never crumbles. In fact, I have just made a comment on the Inside Time thread about my feelings. Prison culture is socially acceptable for many youths and children living in deprived areas. A lot of their relatives and friends are already locked up and with a heavy heart I can say that the youths see prison as just one of those things. This county is already in to its third generation of unemployed families living on benefits. Prison is no different. One teenager I work with has a father in prison, a brother in prison and a cousin waiting to be sentenced. When I asked how he felt about this, he just shrugged his shoulders and said, " It doesn't bother me." When I asked him whether it would bother him if he went to prison, he replied, "does it f***"
He visits his dad and brother in prison and goes with his Mum. Once when he went, he told his dad that he had pinched a car and he said his dad laughed and joked if they had driven to the prison in it. The frustrating thing is, the youth is bright and quite well educated. He could amount to something if he veered off the pavements his pals frequent, but magic wands aren't available where I work. His Granddad was once in prison and his mum has spent most of her life queuing up to visit. They know it isn't right but they accept it as being part of their life's. As sad as it may sound, Prison's need people to function and many youths and children are just lining up waiting for a bed.