Prison Release Is Hard Work - From Pamela

I would like to echo what Linda said in a post yesterday. Linda's Post
Since my husband was released from prison, we hardly talk. When he was in prison, we chatted all the time and even had some laughs on visits. We have been together 9 years. When he was in prison he admitted to smoking cannabis which he never did on the out. He never even smoked a cigarette on the out so you can imagine how shocked I was. He said it calmed him down whilst he was inside but he has carried it on since he's been home and spends all day lying on the sofa saying he will stop when he feels he can cope on the outside again which feels like never because he doesn't seen to be coping. Since he has been released I have had no one to turn to and just like Linda said, it seems that people are only interested when someone goes to prison. It is devastating when someone we love goes to prison there is no denying that and it is groundhog day every day when they are in prison and for us waiting for them on the out. If people think that when someone gets released that's the end of it, they can think again because it is hard work readjusting. Everyone want to know when your husband is in prison but as soon as they are released, you get fobbed off. The way things are going for me, I can't see us being together for long. From Pamela.