Prison Should Not Be 'Acceptable' - From Anonymous

Hello. My partner of 14 years is in prison and will be released in 2017. Never in a month of Sunday's will I excuse what he did no matter what the circumstances were. I visit him in prison and I will support him but only on my terms and I have laid the law down to him. People might think I am being hard, but I couldn't care less. He isn't in prison because he made a 'mistake' he is in prison because he broke the law and knew he was breaking the law when he committed the crime. I miss him, of course I do, but I still have to work to pay the bills and keep our roof, as well as bringing up our two children who are 7 and 9.
I don't usually bother with prisoners families groups but I feel I need to speak about a few things since I read the post called, "stop being soft." I visit my partner once a month now since he moved prisons. I have queued up in reception and got myself a cup of coffee and a couple of snacks for the children. Lately, I met a young mum with her 9 year old daughter, the same age as my little girl. Both our kids played outside whilst we were waiting and I was mortified when my daughter told me that the other little girl had told her that her Dad was always in prison and it's fun visiting because she had been loads of time. Call me a snob, but I am sorry, I don't want my daughter thinking that prison is fun. Don't get me wrong, I don't want her frightened, but on the other hand I don't want her thinking that it is okay where her daddy is, because it isn't. What I would like to know is, am I a minority with my way of thinking because as I previously said, I do visit my partner in prison and I have spoken to other girlfriends/partners who revolve their life's around visiting. I am not judging anyone, each to their own, but I do feel that the attitude I have is lonesome because I can't find anyone on the same wave length as me to talk to about it. Does anyone else do the tough love approach?