The cost of prison visiting from Vicky

Got to agree with Sam's post and I'm glad someone has said it.
My man is in a local cat B privatised prison and the changes have been dire. They are changing the way clothing is being sent in and soon families won't be able to use the property booking desk to book clothing in. Instead clothing items will have to be ordered via a catalogue by the prisoner. That is going to cost me more money for a starters because my man doesn't even earn the money in prison to afford to pay for a pair of socks as he puts his money on phone credits to ring me and our kids. The shop at the prison has vanished and we have vending machines which cost a fortune especially with the kids in tow. It costs me about 50 quid a visit and I live only 40 minutes away from the prison but I have to get a taxi there and back because the bus route is too much hassle with the children as I need to get three buses to get there. In fact it costs me more than 50 quid thinking about it because I haven't added the cost of the snacks and drinks when I get there. PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!