The Youths Of Today - From Michael

Hi to everyone. I have read many posts on your site from ex offenders. I too am one of them. I cannot believe today's news about a 15 year old arrested for stabbing a teacher to death. I think the UK are in a critical situation concerning youths. I was in prison amongst youth offenders and the majority of those I met did not care about where they were and that they were actually in prison. I tried to sit and talk to some of them and very sadly many of them will remain indoors for much of their lives. So what is going wrong with today's culture? Yes I know I did wrong and have been in prison myself three times, but I am now nearing 40 years of age and have settled down with a family and work full time. I intended to go in to work that involved youths, but no such positions where available in my area for that particular type of work. I honestly felt physically ill when I saw the news this afternoon. Why would any one actually take a knife in to school? This type of crime never ever occurred when I was a teenager. What an extremely sad story for the victims family. Regards Michael.