Wife Released From Prison - From Anon

My wife was in prison and I was left behind to look after our two children. When she came out of prison, she refused to go near me intimately and told me that she had a relationship with another woman in prison. We stayed in the same house for 6 months and I gave her some space in case this was just a faze she was going through. I found her crying in the bedroom and crying in the bathroom many nights and she began to self harm because she couldn't get to grips with her feelings. I would like to point out that release from prison can cause many many problems for families and for me it has been an uphill battle. I felt cheated, betrayed and angry that the woman I stood by whilst she was in prison could treat me this way. Our situation is still the same and between us we have been offered no support at all. You have my permission to publish this on your blog but please do not publish my name. With thanks.