Worse than before he went inside - From Jade

My son (19) has just been released from prison and he is worse than he was before he went inside! His attitude is so bad and he is treating me like dirt after all I have done for him. Just in case anyone judgemental reads your blog site, let me just say that I have raised two other lads who are at Uni studying hard. My youngest who has just come out of prison landed in with the wrong crowd (which can happen to anyone from any background) and actually told me that 'he wouldn't be arsed' if he got sent back down because it was a doddle. I hoped he would have come out saying no way was he gonna go back but this is not the case and I am at my wits end with it all. He is dis-respecting all the house rules and is walking around like ten-men meeting other offenders who he met inside. Some rehabilitation his sentence has been!!! Come on, I mean seriously, what the hell is going on with the justice system? The next step is to throw him out and let him get on with it because if his attitude doesn't change, he is giving me no further option. Is there anyone around on your blog that has been through the same? Love Jade.