GDS Diary - Part Thirty

07.12am – Well, well, well, happy anniversary of one year of wholly wrongful convictions. I have not allowed this last one year to make me bitter, or feel hatred, towards those that are responsible for what happened because all of them cut a very sorry sight but, wish them all well. In the meantime the last one year, boy, have I done a lot. I have learnt more advanced law than ever. I could have, and succeeded, in a number of high profile cases. Were it not for me, rest assured, one person would today be serving a life sentence for a murder he did not commit. And, in joint, two extraditions refused. Murder, and of course the great S.4 (A.G. comment required) for drug conspiracy cases. That has caused havoc to the judicial system because the A.G. must review all conspiracies cases where leave was required. There is also the issue of the Coroner and Justice Act 2006 which repealed the wrong Act (Supreme Court Act 1981 which should have been Senior Courts Act 1981) and the question of course, of confiscation cases from extradited people. I have ensured that I do not benefit from any of my work – call me a fool if you like – but that is how I want it. I have, I think, done much this year – I have used my time not passed it. I have also established the National Union of Prisoners UK and will teach inmates the ‘petition to parliament’ which will assist in prison conditions. Have I suffered? No but my family have and that should not be but, it is how it is. When a Judge emits a sentence, he sentences a whole family not only the offender. That should not be and I will be addressing that matter from now on.