Lights Out Says Grayling! - By Stu

Young offenders will be ordered to go to bed at 10.30pm under strict new rules announced by the Government. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling revealed the new "lights out" regulation to be imposed on 15 to 17-year-olds in English institutions.
Does Grayling want them to count sheep too?
I have been in institutions and I laughed out so loud when I read this article I lost a stone!
Is this Graylings step towards rehabilitation? Look, not only will this new ruling cause riots,  it will cause disruption and major risks to staff, but that is just my opinion of course. What Mr Know-it-all- needs to do is spend a night in one of the institutions and observe. That however is a likely story, but take it from someone who has worn the t-shirt, washed and ironed it a few times over, the man is asking for trouble. Lets just say that after years of leeway, and I'll be honest here, when I was in institutions it wasn't great but it wasn't tough either, if Mr Clever Clogs honestly thinks his brainwave will work, he needs to seriously resign now! But hang on a minute, how would this work for those on remand? I'm just saying because I was once on remand around that age and was found not guilty? Maybe someone could shed some light - no pun intended!