Prison Widow Sets Up Memory Cafe For Dementia Sufferers

Hi and good morning! Thank you everyone for your emails checking whether or not I am still alive. I have been absent from the blog for a month because I have been busy setting up a Memory Cafe for dementia patients and their carers. The grand opening day is Thursday 24th July at 11.00am and the Mayor and Mayoress of Bolton are kindly opening it. For more details, please email me at It's been a month of hard slog to be quite honest with you and I've got another month of hard slogging ahead but boy is it worth it! I know people are up against it financially in this day and age and supporting other great causes, but if you can help me out, that would be wonderful. The picture above is a memorabilia pack which are sold on Amazon  for just under £6.00. There are a few different types and they are fantastic for people suffering with dementia, so if you can help me out, please email me. The cafe will host a vary of activities such as reminiscence therapy, music therapy, cake decoration, bygone themes, arts and crafts and more.
If you can help me out in any of the above mentioned, I would love to hear from you!
I'd like to say a special thank you to prison Author Shaun Attwood who has made a donation and helped me out. Thanks in advance everyone! Let us also not forget that there are indeed dementia sufferers in prisons too!