Comments On Prison Book Ban - By Elisa

So my son is in prison and isn't allowed any books or newspapers sent in? I dare say that the 'hang them and flog them' brigade will say that he shouldn't be entitled to have any because he is in prison. Those people are like monotonous songs being played over and over again. They swarm threads online like a swarm of bees yet cannot give any valid reason (apart from throw away the key drivel) why prisoners shouldn't be allowed books. My son is in prison and let me tell the righteous clan this much, I would rather him read than watch TV and I would rather him read than play on a console game. Yes, I would rather him read a book. But something doesn't sit right with all this book banning malarkey especially when the Tories bleat on about how important education is. Chris Grayling has defended the book ban because it is a way of smuggling in drugs. In that case, ban prison officers, ban visitors and ban mail too. If that is Chris Grayling's only excuse then it is a pretty lame one don't you think when you can bet your bottom dollar that drugs are still rife on every wing in HMP. I would like to know some of your readers views on this as I think it would make for an interesting read. So why do you think Chris Grayling banned books? From Elisa.

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