Dad Was Nearly Sent To Prison - From Clare

Hey guys, I came across an article after doing a google on dementia and prison. It's called Too Little Too Late  which is on the Prison Reform Trust website. Check this out:

The chair of one board described the distressing situation for one elderly man and prison staff charged with his care: An 80-year-old confused man [in this prison] is unable to look after himself. We do not yet know whether he was known to social services but it seems likely. He has a five-year sentence for indecent exposure which is not surprising since he continually takes his clothes off.

My Dad got done for pretty much the same thing and nearly went to prison himself. He has dementia and dementia patients often take off their clothes due to agitation. He also once got reported for asking a little boy if he wanted to go to the shop with him. He asked the little boy in front of his Mother and the kids Mother reported my Dad to the Police. Luckily the community support officers were made aware of Dad's dementia and explained this to the kid's Mother. But look how things could end up for someone suffering from this illness!!!