Dementia Prison Buddies - By Helen

OK, according to an article online it was said that 10 prisons had piloted dementia buddies by training younger prisoners to understand dementia and support those in prison with it. That's great, but how well trained are the buddies and prison staff when later stage dementia sets in, because believe you me, I would like to be around to see it. I would also like to ask someone what happens to a dementia patient/prisoner when sun-downing occurs whilst they are locked in their cells? Do late-stage dementia patients/prisoners go on to a secure wing or health care ward because again I would like to know who deals with incontinence issues and inhabited behaviour? A lot of people believe that dementia is an illness where people 'forget' things. Whilst that maybe true, trust me, the illness goes above and beyond that stage. I am glad you have featured this on your blog because it certainly is an interesting and important topic.The article I read did not state which 10 prisons were involved in the dementia buddy scheme. More on this please.