GDS Prison Diary Part 35

8.16am – Well I won’t be making that mistake again of eating so much, yesterday could not sleep too well- damn. Anyway it was a special treat, I guess. Nice weather again. Last night I wrote up more of my autobiography the years 1992 – 2012 Act III. Some interesting revelations. Today I will do some more. 05.21pm – What a lovely day – weather wise. Went over to see Santa my Italian friend on another section and did some translating for him. The man was a lorry driver earning five thousand euros’ a month with three children. Oh well at least he will go back to Italy soon, I hope. Just finished drinking coffee! Did you know when it’s hot its best to have a hot drink to cool down? Did some letters for two lifers today. If I can help anyone I will and did the letters out in the sun so managed to see fresh air and sunshine for a while. Managed also to call my son Mike. Hope soon to be able to hear my son Gianni. One day I hope he will understand why so much of my absence. I do miss him so much and my lovely consort. Tonight may do more of my autobiography or start a story for Caroline. This afternoon saw ‘Long Lost Family.’ One mother met her son she had to put up for adoption 35 years ago. Jeez almost brought a tear to my eye. Is that a sign I’m really human? You know what has brought me much comfort the past year+? This diary! Why? Because it’s a commitment and one, so far, I have diligently kept. Tonight ‘Coronation Street.’