Grayling Has Banned Education - From Eva

Chris Grayling banned books because books are a threat to the system.
His feeble excuse of drug smuggling is insane because as the original poster pointed out, he may as well ban visitors, prison officers, mail and clothing being sent in. A lot of ex prisoners who are now bloggers were very much self educated in prison and studied the law inside out. If prisoner's aren't allowed books in, the only other option they have is to watch TV and how much is one going learn watching reality programmes and the rest of the rubbish that is on TV these days. The book ban is cunning plot to divert potential problem prisoners who have the ability to challenge to system. Chris Grayling claims that this is what the public wants. What an absolute load of rubbish. Chris Grayling hasn't banned books, he has banned education in prison's. That is exactly what he has done! Best Wishes Eva