Have Children Of Prisoners Been Forgotten About? - From Anonymous

Dear PFV. I have never commented on your blog before but would like the chance please.
My husband has been in prison now for 5 years. He is doing a long sentence. When he was arrested, my son was 6 at the time. He is now 11 and still has nightmares about it because the Police kicked down my door shouting and ranting. It was the most frightening thing ever. My son 5 years down the line still has nightmares about that morning. In those 5 years I have had support in the form of speaking to others about our experience but I have never had support directly for my son because I cannot seem to get any. The social services don't want to know because my son is cared for superbly by me and my family. But what about his mental health state? How can my son stop the nightmares? I think it is absolutely disgusting that no one wants to know the children of prisoners. When was the last time we heard about this topic in the media? Have children of prisoners been forgotten about or something? Yours Anonymous Mum