No, Prison's Can Not Cope With The Elderly - From Diana

I have just seen a post on your Twitter feed and would like to reply please. You ask whether UK Prison's can cope with the elderly. Quite simply the answer is no and I speak from experience. My Dad is in prison and he is a pensioner. He is also a dementia patient and the prison staff haven't got the foggiest idea how to cope with his illness. He gets his words mixed up, he forgets to comply with certain rules and he can at times be aggressive, but that is his illness. His behaviour is challenging sometimes and to be quite frank, the prison officers haven't got a clue but then that isn't their fault because training should be on hand concerning such health issues. Come on, if I can notice his challenging behaviour during prison visits, then how is this challenging behaviour controlled within the prison vicinity? Yes my Dad is in prison for a reason, but when all said and done, he is my Dad. So the answer to your question is: No, I do not think that prison's can cope with the elderly. Best Wishes Diana.