Offenders Pay The Wages - By Hilary

I am a Mother to a young offender currently in prison in the UK.
This is his second time in a Young Offenders Institute.
When he went back in for the second time, he was quite made up that he met other offenders he was acquainted with the first time around. I 100% agree with discipline but in my opinion, the sole reason the Young Offenders Institutes are cotton wool factories is because if discipline was introduced, there would be less people going back. If discipline worked in prison's, how would the privately run ones make their money and how would the thousands of prison officers, probation officers, prison governors, Police, and the rest of them, pay their bills? Offenders pay wages no matter which way you look at it. Lights out, TV's off, at 10.30pm every night is not discipline, it is a rule just like 8.00pm bang up time. The offenders can still talk to each other when it's lights out and TV off time, and I would love to be a fly on the wall and listen to their conversations because my son committed his second crime with a previous cell mate he had only met whilst being in prison! I read lots of articles online about prison reform and so on, yet I have never come across a prison reform article that suggests any ideas as to how prison's should be reformed! I remember reading one article a person wrote stating that prisoners should be subjected to a hard days slog on the lines of voluntary work. But the person who started the thread was then bombarded with prison reformers disagreeing with him! Why? Last year I worked voluntarily for two weeks helping a charity to clean the grounds and revamp the gardens of a rehabilitation centre. What's wrong with that? What would be wrong with making prisoners work to put something back in to the community? As far as I am concerned, the system want people back though their doors because it is like everything else, it all balls down to money.