risky ruling - by Pat

Hi PFV. I honestly don't know how Chris Grayling is going to make this lights-out ruling work without any repercussions. If there is work or constructive activities in place in order to rebuild young offenders life's then maybe, but I personally think that Grayling is putting staff at risk if he can't back up his ruling.
I agree with discipline but let me tell you that my son was in a Young Offenders Institute once and he couldn't have come from a more disciplined household. Me and my Husband tried everything in the book but our son's shoes were glued on the wrong path and no matter how much we disciplined him, he took no notice. In fact, he got worse and rebelled even more. What Chris Grayling has to realize is that today's society is not the same as it once was. I see youths on the streets swearing at Police Officers and rebelling against their school teachers when at one time, you dare not look at a Police Officer the wrong way. On my way home from work (I work evening shifts) I see kids on street corners as young as 10, maybe younger than that at midnight. No doubt the majority of young offenders who are locked up right now stayed out on the streets until after midnight, so how is Grayling going to discipline them by creating the 10.30pm lights-out rule? Don't get me wrong, I am all for discipline and it wouldn't do them any harm, but Grayling clearly doesn't live in the real world and I think what he is doing is very risky.