Rolf Harris Deportation? - By GDS

Well no one has picked up on this aspect. If he became a British Citizen - which I understand he has not – but, if he did and was naturalized (naturalized not nationalized as Hodgson said of a Belgium player) his passport can be revoked because of his criminal offence. Under the UK Border Act 2009 because he has been convicted of a criminal offence then he is subject to deportation automatically to Australia and lo and behold he gets an extra nine months off his sentence! It’s called the Facilitated Return Scheme (FRS). He is in effect a foreign national, being Australian, if he did not get British citizenship which as I pointed out before I understand he has not. Therefore, I feel this factor needs looking into as Rolf Harris is technically an Australian citizen and will be subject to deportation and he can even elect to serve his sentence there but deportation is of course mandatory.