Rude Police To Be Punished - From Jen

Officers who are rude to the public will face formal punishment under new rules planned to improving the reputation of the police. The new code of ethics will also cover officers working when drunk or using drugs, or those having sex while on duty. Officers will be urged to blow the whistle on colleagues if they breach professional standards.Punishments will range from a verbal warning to possible dismissal.Earlier this year, Home Secretary Theresa May told the police service that reform or change would be forced upon them following a series of incidents that shook public confidence, including the Hillsborough cover-up and the Plebgate scandal.

RE: Above article - By Jen

Dear PFV. Reading the latest on Sky News has prompted me to write. I remember and I always will remember the time when my partner was arrested. Fair enough, the Police weren't to know that I didn't have a clue about my partner's shifty goings on and that is the truth, but there attitude towards me and my teenage daughter when they were in my house was absolutely vile. I also remember telling one Police officer that I didn't take kindly being spoken to like rubbish, but all I got was, "You'll be in the back of the van as well in a minute!" So I absolutely agree with this decision. I know they are only doing their jobs but there are far too many Police officers up their own backsides in my opinion and a lot of them can deal with sitiuations without the attitude.