Struggling On The Out - From Jen

I hope you don't mind me writing in to you.
My name is Jen and I have just finished serving a three year prison sentence. I have been out for 9 weeks now. My partner stood by me throughout and is very supportive. I don't know whether you cover such topics and I know it is probably a touchy subject but since I have been home, I can't stand my partner being near me physically and I don't know why or for what reason. It's easy for people to encourage prisoners families and prisoners to rebuild their relationships, but it isn't as simple as people think. I have been to the doctors and he has offered me anti-depressants but I don't want to take them. I have no one to talk to and friends who called themselves friends walked away when I was sent down even though some of them have had grey pasts themselves. I'm not a bad person, I am a person who screwed up and will not be going back to prison. In a funny kind of way, I coped being inside, it's here on the out I'm struggling with! Love Jen