Counselling Services For Prisoners Families? - From Anon Mother of Prisoner

RE: If you break the law

Dear PFV. I would like to comment on the post, If You Break The Law.
I am the Mother of a 24 year old who is in prison at the moment.
Since he was sent to prison, I have struggled emotionally to the point of having to go on the sick from work because I can't face anyone. To some people this might sound a bit far fetched, but for me it isn't. I have brought my son up to the very best of my ability and I have worked hard all my life. When he was 17/18 he started hanging around with a bad lot. Money started going missing out of my purse and items in my house were disappearing. I found out he was smoking cannabis only I then found out he was lying about that because I was told the money he was stealing was for heroin.
I started finding foil and spoons in the bin and a few months down the line I found a syringe in the bathroom.
I felt that I couldn't turn to any of my friends because they had children that were successful at Uni and had done well for themselves. I felt and still do feel so embarrassed but I love my son. He is my son.
I wish I could be as hard as the person who wrote, If you break the law, but not all of us are like that.
When my son was arrested at one of his friends houses, he was found in a terrible state under the influence of heroin and sleeping tablets. He didn't even know until the day after in the police station that he had actually committed a crime until the Police told him and actually showed him the CCTV images.
Everything surrounding my son's drug habit, the armed robbery he committed, the poor people who were in the shop at the time, and the sheer embarrassment is just crippling me. I cannot function. I have tried to get some help and after 9 months of feeling desperate, I have finally managed to get a referral for counselling.
But I have had to wait 9 months for it which isn't in my opinion acceptable. It angers me that no one really took me seriously and I have since spoken to another lady who is in a similar situation to what I am in.
Yes the first people to get counselling are the victims, I won't and would never say any different. But there are people, Mothers. Father's, Wife's, husbands etc of prisoners that need support too and there is nothing around in solid stone that offers us this.