Doing more for ex-offenders - from Joanne

Hi I don't know whether you remember me but I wrote in to your blog a couple of months telling you that my other half was struggling to find a job after being released from prison. He has finally done it and starts his new job on Monday! It has been so hard searching, looking and doing CV's but it as all paid off. We both did the job searches together and spent hours doing them and it makes me realize now that if someone doesn't have family support then it would be very very hard. My other half didn't get any help from probation so something really needs to be done to help ex-offenders in to work. In my own town there is nothing.
Thanks for all your support PFV and I will keep you all posted on how he gets on with his new job.

PFV: Great news Joanne! Wish your other-half all the best and good luck in his new job! Keep in touch!