GDS Prison Diaries Part 37

06.14 am – You know one of the constant factors in my life has been this diary even though it is very much one way traffic. I mean the diary cannot advice me but it does give me great comfort and a sense of responsibility. It is a duty but also a pleasure to write how I feel and what happens. Today one inmate shared with me the events of how he came here – a double murder which will keep him here which he sees as ‘only 6 more World Cup tournaments.’ By what I have heard yes two people are dead but is it murder or an act committed because of ‘Faith?’ I’m not fit to judge others, but by what I have heard I have my own views which may well be in contrast with the family of the two victims. I do however feel privileged and honoured to be the recipient of people’s stories or their journey that led them here. In the cold light of day one is here because of the indictment, charges or what law one has broken. But does the Court ever listen to the journey as to how the charge came about? Not anymore. No one cares really anymore it’s just boxes that need to be ticked. Not sure that is the correct way but it’s what I have had to fight for the past 25 years. I told the Court the story, the journey and it was what made me successful. I did not do that for myself because what I had to deal with was pre-ordained and I agreed and trusted. Was I right or wrong? We shall see! But sooner or later it all comes out and I feel confident all will come out in my case and all be ok – shall we say. Miss my family.