GDS Prison Diaries - Part 38

Friday 18 July 2014 07.33am – Damn and blast yet more terrorism with a Malaysian Airline flight 17 being blown out of the sky over Kiev area of Ukraine. Now the Ukraine Government blames the so called ‘rebels’ and vice versa. But is it a rocket or missile attack, and the blame is directed towards Russia! My God is all I can say. I mean if it’s a missile it can’t be the rebels because they don’t have the missiles or capabilities. Whatever, flying these days is simply not safe. Would be good to see the passenger list! 06.22pm – Received email from Caroline. I had a feeling yesterday that something was going on and the decision on my transfer was made yesterday but of course I won’t know until next week. Well I have my feelings on this and won’t let things rest if I am not sent because the Italian Ministry is also ‘alerted.’