If You Break The Law? - By Julie-Anne

My partner is in prison for a long time.
It amazes me why some organisations even bother 'trying' to campaign for us to be quite honest.
My partner committed a crime and he went to prison. We were all made aware of what happens to a person when they break the law. You break the law - you go to prison.
So therefore in a nutshell, what can the families do? I'm not being funny but it was my partners decision to leave us by breaking the law in the first place was it not? Don't get me wrong, I'm still 'with' him, but how do we really in all honesty say that we are in a relationship? I'm here and he is over 200 miles away banged up in HMP.
I know some people's blood pressure will be raised with my opinions, but I have the right to voice my opinion because I am a partner of a serving prisoner. Yes I miss him, yes I love him, yes he's an idiot for doing what he did, yes I feel betrayed, yes I am on my arse financially because of his actions and so on. I am everything you are. I am a partner of a prisoner.
The prison in which my partner is in has family visit days which are great for those who can afford to travel there or live near by their partners. It's great for the kids of prisoners because they are the ones who really suffer lets face it. I have managed to go to one family visit day which in all honesty was good and very well appreciated by families who were there. A charity had organised it and organised it well as well as the prison, they did a good job too. But when I was having a ciggie waiting for my taxi after the visit had finished, I ended up chatting to a woman with two kids who had been on the visit too. She said to me 'aren't they good these family day visits, we've been to them before when my other half served his first sentence.'
I mean come on? Aren't these family visits supposed to be visits where prisoners can bond with their children in an educating and constructive way? Or are they just family visits for the sake of the kids? I'm sorry and I don't care what anyone else thinks, but how can anyone say that they put their kids first when they keep leaving them for HMP? Maybe its this, maybe its that, but one mistake is one mistake too many as far as kids are concerned. Sorry if I have offended people but that's the way I look at it. By all means do the visits because they are important for the children, but educate those too who drag their kids to that environment in the first place.