Release Is Harder To Cope With - By Casey

Hi PFV. Can I just say to the lady who has written in about being torn between her daughter and husband, I have been through something similar.
My husband was released last year and our 16 year old daughter and 18 year old son completely turned their back on their Dad. Every time I visited him in prison I used to come home and both of them wouldn't speak to me. The atmosphere was really awful so I sympathize with the lady.
It was suggested that as a family we tried counselling but they point blank refused. My kids said that their Dad had caused them great embarrassment at school when he was arrested because he was in the newspaper and other kids taunted them at school. My son got the brunt of it more and started drinking quite heavily. Thankfully now he has got help to address his alcohol issues. People don't understand how prison affects families. The trauma can still continue when someone is released from prison yet not many organisations concentrate on this issue as it always seems to be focused on sentencing and coping through a prison sentence. To be honest I think release is the hardest if in a family environment. I would like to say to the lady that she isn't alone and I should imagine there are quite a few families who have been through the same thing. I hope everything works out for her. Love Casey.