She Wants To Go Back In Prison - From Kate

Hi Guys, I am just wondering if Chris Grayling can give me any advice regarding his prison reform?
My daughter WANTS to go back to prison, so what advice can you give me Sir? I am mortified of course and tonight she said that she was going to breach her licence so that she can go back inside! What fantastic rehabilitation the UK system has!
In my daughters head, the pressure outside is too much for her so she says and she feels much safer in prison. What more can I say other than I am absolutely devastated. She is 23 years of age and I cannot physically drag her to her probation appointment. If this is her mind-set which I honestly think it is because she is changed girl since being released from prison, I would rather her breach her licence than commit another crime. I just despair because I am powerless to do anything. I have tried talking to her and it is not as though we have fallen out, we haven't, she just says that she does not feel safe out here and there are no jobs or prospects for her, which is in fact fibs because she is a clever girl. Some of you may not like what I have to say, but when she was released, she had false nails on, a new stylish hair-cut and a fixed tooth. She said that there is much more to do inside than there is out here! But what about her liberty? Doesn't she understand this?
She has however spoke of a 'friend' she met in prison and I have an inkling that this 'friend' is her girlfriend. Any advice please?