The Strain of Prison Release - By Anonymous

My husband is about to be released from prison in September and our daughter does not want him back home because she cannot forgive him.
We lost our home when he was convicted and it has been a very difficult 8 years to say the least.
I can't see my husband on the streets but all my family are siding with my daughter which is causing lots of arguments as you can imagine. Our daughter didn't visit her Dad once whilst he was in prison and they haven't seen each other for over 4 years. She refused to speak to him on the phone and she ripped up every letter her Dad sent her. I couldn't force her to communicate with her Dad but I am dreading him coming home. My daughter said she will move out but I have a good relationship with her and don't want to lose contact with her because she has been my rock. I am depressed, at my wits end and do not know where to turn. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks.