Charles Bronson Jailed For Attack On Governor

The prisoner formerly known as Charles Bronson has been sentenced to two years after pleading guilty to assaulting a prison governor. The notorious inmate, who is already serving a life sentence after after kidnapping a prison art teacher 15 years ago, sat in a secure dock surrounded by six prison guards. When asked for his plea, the 61-year-old, who was immaculately dressed in a black suit and silver tie, said: "Guilty, but I don't want to". However, the inmate now known as Charles Salvador told Amersham Crown Court he was determined to leave the violent legacy of Charles Bronson behind after changing his name by deed poll. Since first going inside in 1974 for armed robbery, Salvador has become infamous for his violent behaviour, taking 11 hostages and carrying out nine rooftop sieges. But Judge Francis Sheridan said he accepted Salvador acted out of frustration when he attacked Governor Alan Parkins, leaving the officer with extensive bruising.